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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Helicopters in the employ of the Triad Military Industrial Complex of the United States, Russia and Red China - all funded by the London - Rothschildian, Windsor, Vatican bankers part 2

attack helicopters - Videos - TV Berlin Video

Russian Attack Helicopters MIL MI-35 Hind MIL 28N Sensational Carroll Trust Global Security Story

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The Carroll Foundation Trust affair has shed further light on the enormous contribution made by the Carroll Global Corporation during the painful transition period for Russia following the collapse of [...]

Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport Carlsbad, California USA

Location:33° 7' 41.88'' N - 117° 16' 48.00'' W
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Russian Hind Mi/Me 24, 28, 35 Russian variations equivalent to Hughes Apache AH-64 series; this Russian series of Attack Helicopters has been reported sighted over the area adjacent to and coming from and returning to McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA, USA. McClellan-Palomar Airport is a civilian Airport with Hi-Tech US Military Helicopter Secret flights going back decades. Perfect cover, Civilian Air Traffic Control will deny any existence of these flights citing that they are the domain of Military Air Traffic Control and the Military Air Traffic Control will deny any knowledge, citing that it is a Civilian Airport. This ploy goes back decades to Air America (CIA drug smuggling, gun running, snuff porn and all around crime Airlines) in the Vietnam-LB Johnson drug cartel war on Southeast Asia and the streets of America with complicity from Marrano Johnson's erstwhile "ally" the Diabolic bag of sand in the desert known as "IsraHell" built on the bodies of innocent Palestinians. (Note: LB Johnson - Drug lord and crime kingpin and conspirator of the assassination of JFK and who tried to destroy the USS Liberty on the high seas in 1967 - multiple counts of High Treason.)


Mi-28 Havoc New-Generation Attack Helicopter

The Mi-28 Havoc is a new-generation attack helicopter that functions as an air-to-air and air-to-ground partner for the Mi-24 Hind and Ka-50 Hokum. The five-blade main rotor is mounted on top of the body midsection, and short, wide, tapered, weapon-carrying wings are mounted to the rear of body midsection. 2 turboshaft engines in pods are mounted alongside the top of the fuselage with downturned exhausts. The fuselage is slender and tapers to the tail boom and nose. It features a tandem, stepped-up cockpits and a cannon mounted beneath the belly, with fastened landing gear. The tapering tail boom with a swept-back fin has a flat high-mounted on the fin and a rotor mounted on right.

The Mi-28 helicopter is a fighter whose performance is appreciate to the US Apache. additionally to its ability to attack ground it would have a capability of air-to-air combat. This two-seater helicopter has a 23 mm cannon below the nose, he takes on stumps wings of anti-tank guided laser also as launching air-to-air missiles.

The Mi-28 was designed with an aim of making a complement with the Mi-24, however without carrying of troops, in order to possess better total performances specifically as regards speed that is one of the elements major in the fight anti-tank device. The project began in 1972 however it had been delayed till 1981 as a result of the initial project of Mil wasn't accepted. the first prototype created its inaugural flight on November 10, 1982. In 1984, Kamov Ka-50 was chooses as an anti-tank combat helicopter and the project of Mil was seriously compromised.


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Tech_Journal: attack helicopters - Videos - TV Berlin Video

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