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Friday, July 25, 2008

Do you think the demon goddess Lilith will have any appreciable following in Israel amongst Israeli women?

Do you think the demon goddess Lilith will have any appreciable following in Israel amongst Israeli women?

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Answer: Most assuredly. Obviously the demon goddess Moloch has returned to the center of Israeli worship, see the following:

Alan Guttmacher Institute Mission: "The Institute's mission is to protect the reproductive choices of all women and men in the United States and throughout the world. It is to support their ability to obtain the information and services needed to achieve their full human rights, safeguard their health and exercise their individual responsibilities in regard to sexual behavior and relationships, reproduction and family formation."

From Mary Meehan’s "The Road to Abortion" Copyright © 1998, 1999 & 2002 by Mary Meehan.

In 1966 Dr. Alan Guttmacher, apparently trying to be witty, wrote from Africa to a U.S. colleague: "My trip has been great. I believe I converted the Jews in Israel and now I am working on the pigmented savages." This private comment from Guttmacher (who was Jewish, but not observant) came soon after his Planned Parenthood group gave an award to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.(32)

32. William H. Draper, Jr., to P. A. Gorman, [8 or 11] Sept. 1967, Guttmacher Papers; Alan F. Guttmacher to Frank Notestein, 13 June 1966, PPFA (II), box 125; and Congressional Record (10 May 1966), vol. 112, part 8, 10164-10165. In his statement accepting the Margaret Sanger Award, Dr. King praised Sanger and family planning and spoke of "the modern plague of overpopulation." Unfortunately, he seemed unaware of the eugenics connections of Sanger [she wanted to commit eugenicide against all black people in the world and kill them all] and of population control in general [which would make him very foolish to be that uninformed]. Ibid.


The swastika is one of the so-called birth symbols of the buddha; in actuality it is an ancient sun symbol of paganism and black magic --

The heresy of the Naasseni (literally “Naas” is the word for serpent, Jewish Gnostic serpent worshipping Satanists) is adverted to by the other leading writers on heresy in the early age of the Church. See St. Irenaeus, i, 34: Origen, Contr. Cels., vi 28 (p. 291 et seq. ed. Spenc.); Tertullian, Proeser., c. 47 Theodoret, Haeretic. Fabul, i. 14; Epiphanius, Advers. Haereses., xxv. and xxxvii.: St. Augustine, De Haeres., xvii.; Jerome, Comment. Epist. ad Galat., lib. ii. The Abbe Cruice reminds his readers that the Naasseni carried their doctrines into India, and refers to the Asiatic Researches (vol. x. p. 39). It was from this that the main composers of Buddhist teachings, Nagarjuna (literally “wise snake”) and Ashvaghosha, got their ideas (early second century A.D.) which are at the real historical beginning of Buddhism and not the mythic beginning around 500 B.C. concurrent with Mahavira and Goshala.

The Abbe Cruice mentions the following works as of authority among the Gnostic Naasseni, and from whence they derived their system: The Gospel of Perfection, Gospel of Eve, The Questions of Mary, Concerning the Offspring of Mary, The Gospel of Philip, The Gospel according to (1) Thomas, (2) the Egyptians.

The Hebrew word is nachash. Hebrew for serpent and black magic and from whence comes the Indian word naga (serpent) and which is the same as nag in Nag Hammadi where the Gnostic writings were found a few decades ago and totally backed up everything that the Church Fathers said about the Gnostics.

paraton autoon logon. Bernaysius suggests for these words, patera too autoo logoo. Schneidewin regards the emendation as an error, and Bunsen partly so. The latter would read, patera ton autoon Logon, i.e., "The Naasseni honour the Father of all existent things, the Logos, as man and the Son of Man." That is they honor: Satan as God the Father which is absolute blasphemy, and Jesus Christ as only man and only one example of the Logos and born of Mary and Joseph and not by the virgin birth, which is also absolute apostasy. This is the same as the Jewish position today concerning Jesus Christ.



See this: THE RAINBOW SWASTIKA by Hannah Newman --

2a. One bestselling "salad" is worth listing separately: the Buddhism-Judaism mix. Promoted under the brand name "Jewish Renewal", it has swelled to an international movement in its own right and will be examined later. It has the dubious honor of fooling the greatest number of loyal Jews, who do not object because Buddhists do not bow before an idol (at least not while the West is watching). Buddhism is also considered non-threatening to Jews because of its image of peaceable tolerance for all faiths. [This image has afforded the Dalai Lama a warm welcome in Israel; however, it clashes with past Buddhist affinities for Nazism, and Bailey expected Buddhism to revert to militancy at the proper stage of the Plan.] As a result, "lectures by visiting Buddhist teachers are invariably packed." ("The New Believers", _The Jerusalem Report_, Apr. 2, 1998)

end of quote from Hannah Newman

False Gods

FALSE GODS which men had strayed after in the ancient world

Of course Jesus Christ taught men to worship the true God.

Christians and Muslims both worship the true God.


The moon is not God

Lilith is the most evil satanic goddess in the history of the world. It is actually Satan as Cosmocratoras, false immanent god of creation worshipped by the most satanic of the gnostics. Allah the moon god is joined to the Sun goddess by Lilith and then they have three demonic goddesses. This yet another version of the Triple goddess; Arabian, this time. According to the incorrect (quite false) viewpoint of Fredrich Max Mueller and those who follow him, all of these were subsumed by Muhammed the prophet of Allah, henotheistically into the moon god allah as god. Allah is the exact name used in Hebrew by God’s holy prophet Jeremiah in:


Thus then shall you say to them: The gods (allah) that have not made heaven and earth, let them perish from the earth, and from among those places that are under heaven.

Muslims, believe the historical truth that Muhammed rejected the polytheism, and that Allah is creator of heaven and earth in the sense of Allah the high Arabian God from the Hebrew Eloah (Allah = Eloah); they agree that He is Eloueth (uncontained but containing all that He created) this is the Lord God Pantocrator, the most high God. We Christians agree. Most High God is the Holy Trinity Adorable Unity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. The “Shemah” is what Moses taught the people of ancient Israel who God is. “Shemah Israel, Yahweh Eloheuinu Yahweh echad” is “Hear O Israel, Yahweh God plural (Trinity) is Yahweh unity of the plural”; the “Holy Trinity of three Persons, Adorable Unity” in Catholic profession of the true faith. Yahweh is the nature of God Himself and is not plural in this or in any confession of the True God. Yahweh unity of the plural is One God with the single nature of God, Yahweh. Yahweh God Plural refers to the three Persons of the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who fully share the same nature of God, Yahweh and remain One God and not three. The Father is the fountainhead of the Triune God who is uncreated and the Son is monogenes (only engendered of the Father before all time and creation i.e. the Word of God) and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and is given without measure to the Son and acts and is sent through the Son. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are immortal from eternity to eternity. In their oneness as the only God the Holy Spirit is the immortal bond of love of the Father and the Son.

Jesus said:

19 Going therefore, teach ye all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

The Shemah and the command to love God is in Deuteronomy 6:4, 5

4 ¶ Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.

5 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole strength. (DRV)

See Leviticus 19:18, Jesus went far beyond that.


18 Seek not revenge, nor be mindful of the injury of thy citizens. Thou shalt love thy friend as thyself. I am the Lord. (DRV)

Jesus on the Shemah and love of God and expanding and deepening the command concerning love of one’s neighbor.


29 And Jesus answered him: The first commandment of all is, Hear, O Israel: the Lord thy Godis one God.

30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole soul and with thy whole mind and with thy whole strength. This is the first commandment.

31 And the second is like to it: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is no other commandment greater than these.


Jesus on the the love of God and neighbor and His authority as the Lord God Incarnate to teach. The same Lord God Who, pre-incarnate, taught Moses and David (also see Jn:1:1-4, Jesus Christ the Word through Whom God the Father created all things that were created).


36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole soul and with thy whole mind.

38 This is the greatest and the first commandment.

39 And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets.

41 ¶ And the Pharisees being gathered together, Jesus asked them,

42 Saying: What think you of Christ? Whose son is he? They say to him: David's.

43 He saith to them: How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying:

44 The Lord said to my Lord: Sit on my right hand, until I make thy enemies thy footstool?

45 If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?

46 And no man was able to answer him a word: neither durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions.



1 ¶ Hear ye the word which the Lord hath spoken concerning you, O house of Israel.

2 Thus saith the Lord: Learn not according to the ways of the Gentiles: and be not afraid of the signs of heaven, which the heathens fear:

3 For the laws of the people are vain: for the works of the hand of the workman hath cut a tree out of the forest with an axe.

4 He hath decked it with silver and gold: he hath put it together with nails and hammers, that it may not fall asunder.

5 They are framed after the likeness of a palm tree, and shall not speak: they must be carried to be removed, because they cannot go. Therefore fear them not, for they can neither do evil nor good.

6 There is none like to thee, O Lord: thou art great, and great is thy name in might.

7 Who shall not fear thee, O king of nations? for thine is the glory: among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms there is none like unto thee.

8 They shall beall proved together to be senseless and foolish: the doctrine of their vanity is wood.

9 Silver spread into plates is brought from Tharsis, and gold from Ophaz: the work of the artificer, and of the hand of the coppersmith: violet and purple is their clothing: all these things are the work of artificers.

10 But the Lord is the true God: he is the living God, and the everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his threatening.

11 Thus then shall you say to them: The gods that have not made heaven and earth, let them perish from the earth, and from among those places that are under heaven.

12 He that maketh the earth by his power, that prepareth the world by his wisdom, and stretcheth out the heavens by his knowledge.

13 At his voice he giveth a multitude ofwaters in the heaven, and lifteth upthe clouds from the ends of the earth: he maketh lightnings for rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.

14 Every man is become a fool for knowledge, every artist is confounded in his graven idol: for what he hath cast is false, and there is no spirit in them.

15 They are vain things, and a ridiculous work: in the time of their visitation theyshall perish.

16 The portion of Jacob is not like these: for it is he who formed all things: and Israel is the rod of his inheritance: the Lord of hosts is his name.

17 ¶ Gather up thy shame out of the land, thou that dwellest in a siege.

18 For thus saith he Lord: Behold I will cast away far off the inhabitants of the land at this time: and I will afflict them, so that they may be found.

19 Woe is me for my destruction, my wound is very grievous. But I said: Truly this is my own evil, and I will bear it.

20 My tabernacle is laid waste, all my cords are broken: my children are gone out from me, and they are not: there is none to stretch forth my tent any more, and to set up my curtains.

21 Because the pastors have done foolishly, and have not sought the Lord: therefore have they not understood, and all their flock is scattered.

22 Behold the sound of a noise cometh, a great commotion out of the land of the north: to make the cities of Juda a desert, and a dwelling for dragons.

23 I know, O Lord, that the way of a man is not his: neither is it in a man to walk, andto direct his steps.

24 Correct me, O Lord, but yet with judgment: and not in thy fury, lest thou bring me to nothing.

25 Pour out thy indignation upon the nations that have not known thee, and upon the provinces that have not called upon thy name: because they have eaten up Jacob, and devoured him, and consumed him, and have destroyed his glory.


Allah the ancient moon god of the Arabians is not God, but Allah the high Arabian God from the Hebrew Eloah (Allah = Eloah) as Eloueth (uncontained but containing all that He created) is God. This is the Lord God Pantocrator, the most high God. This is the same God worshipped by both Christians and Muslims.


The following is the objection of the east to Pius IX's attempt to be acknowledged  as universal head over the Church.

Encyclical of the Eastern Patriarchs, 1848
A Reply to the Epistle of Pope Pius IX, "to the Easterns"
To All the Bishops Everywhere, Beloved in the Holy Ghost, Our Venerable, Most Dear Brethren; and to their Most Pious Clergy; and to All the Genuine Orthodox Sons of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church: Brotherly Salutation in the Holy Spirit, and Every Good From God, and Salvation.
The holy, evangelical and divine Gospel of Salvation should be set forth by all in its original simplicity, and should evermore be believed in its unadulterated purity, even the same as it was revealed to His holy Apostles by our Savior, who for this very cause, descending from the bosom of God the Father, made Himself of no reputation and took upon Him the form of a servant (Phil. ii. 7); even the same, also, as those Apostles, who were ear and eye witnesses, sounded it forth, like clear-toned trumpets, to all that are under the sun (for their sound is gone out into all lands, and their words into the ends of the world); and, last of all, the very same as the many great and glorious Fathers of the Catholic Church in all parts of the earth, who heard those Apostolic voices, both by their synodical and their individual teachings handed it down to all everywhere, and even unto us. But the Prince of Evil, that spiritual enemy of man's salvation, as formerly in Eden, craftily assuming the pretext of profitable counsel, he made man to become a transgressor of the divinely-spoken command. so in the spiritual Eden, the Church of God, he has from time to time beguiled many; and, mixing the deleterious drugs of heresy with the clear streams of orthodox doctrine, gives of the potion to drink to many of the innocent who live unguardedly, not giving earnest heed to the things they have heard (Heb. ii. 10), and to what they have been told by their fathers (Deut. xxxii. 7), in accordance with the Gospel and in agreement with the ancient Doctors; and who, imagining that the preached and written Word of the LORD and the perpetual witness of His Church are not sufficient for their souls' salvation, impiously seek out novelties, as we change the fashion of our garments, embracing a counterfeit of the evangelical doctrine.

2. Hence have arisen manifold and monstrous heresies, which the Catholic Church, even from her infancy, taking unto her the whole armor of God, and assuming the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Eph. vi. 13-17,) has been compelled to combat. She has triumphed over all unto this day, and she will triumph for ever, being manifested as mightier and more illustrious after each struggle.

3. Of these heresies, some already have entirely failed, some are in decay, some have wasted away, some yet flourish in a greater or less degree vigorous until the time of their return to the Faith, while others are reproduced to run their course from their birth to their destruction. For being the miserable cogitations and devices of miserable men, both one and the other, struck with the thunderbolt of the anathema of the seven Ecumenical Councils, shall vanish away, though they may last a thousand years; for the orthodoxy of the Catholic and Apostolic Church, by the living Word of God, alone endures for ever, according to the infallible promise of the LORD: the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (Matt. xviii. 18). 5. The new doctrine, that "the Holy Ghost proceedeth from the Father and the Son," is contrary to the memorable declaration of our LORD, emphatically made respecting it: which proceedeth from the Father (John xv. 26), and contrary to the universal Confession of the Catholic Church as witnessed by the seven Ecumenical Councils, uttering "which proceedeth from the Father." (Symbol of Faith).

i. This novel opinion destroys the oneness from the One cause, and the diverse origin of the Persons of the Blessed Trinity, both of which are witnessed to in the Gospel.
ii. Even into the divine Hypostases or Persons of the Trinity, of equal power and equally to be adored, it introduces diverse and unequal relations, with a confusion or commingling of them.
iii. It reproaches as imperfect, dark, and difficult to be understood, the previous Confession of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
v. It reproaches the Fathers of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Ecumenical Councils, which had published over the world a divine Creed, perfect and complete, and interdicted under dread anathemas and penalties not removed, all addition, or diminution, or alteration, or variation in the smallest particular of it, by themselves or any whomsoever. Yet was this quickly to be corrected and augmented, and consequently the whole theological doctrine of the Catholic Fathers was to be subjected to change, as if, forsooth, a new property even in regard to the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity had been revealed.
x. It has been condemned by many Holy Councils of the four Patriarchs of the East.
xi. It was subjected to anathema, as a novelty and augmentation of the Creed, by the eighth Ecumenical Council, congregated at Constantinople for the pacification of the Eastern and Western Churches.

Wherefore the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, following in the steps of the holy Fathers, both Eastern and Western, proclaimed of old to our progenitors and again teaches today synodically, that the said novel doctrine of the Holy Ghost proceeding from the Father and the Son is essentially heresy, and its maintainers, whoever they be, are heretics, according to the sentence of Pope St. Damasus, and that the congregations of such are also heretical, and that all spiritual communion in worship of the orthodox sons of the Catholic Church with such is unlawful. Such is the force of the seventh Canon of the third Ecumenical Council.

BUT many and sundry references to ecumenical NONSENSE ad nauseam  From the Ecumenical Patriarchate Web Site

Messages: Annual encyclical on the environment each September 1st, designated by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and by the entire Orthodox Church as a day of prayer for the protection of creation (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002); The European Parliament at its plenary session on April 19, 1994; VI. General Assembly of the World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP) in Riva del Garda, Italy (1994); U.N.E.S.C.O. General Assembly (1995); Turkish-Greek Business Council and the Young Businessmen’s Association (1997); The United States Congress upon being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal (1997); The Santa Barbara Environmental Conference “Caring for God’s Creation” (1997); Interfaith Dialogue Assembly (1998); Forum 2000 gathering in Prague (1999);Address on Prayer for Peace in Novi Sad (1999); The Greek and the polish Parliaments (1999 and 2000, respectively); “Sacred Gifts to a Living Planet” Kathmandu, Nepal, (2000); The United Nations World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa (2001); Official Visit to Iran “The Contribution of Religion to the Establishment of Peace in the Contemporary World” (2002), “Witness to Peace” (Assisi 2002), and many others.



God is the Holy Trinity. God the Father sent the Son Jesus Christ announced by the Holy Spirit who spoke through St. John the Baptist, for our salvation.


In imitation there is the unholy trinity that Satan puts forth to deceive men into damnation – the dragon, the beast and the false prophet.

The dragon, the beast, and the false prophet signify Satan, Antichrist, and the principal apostle of Antichrist. These three different beings command all the other demons.


The Antichrist



Rev. P. Huchede
Professor of Theology at the Grand Seminary of Laval, France

Translated from the French by J.D.B.

And none of the wicked shall understand, but the learned shall understand.
(Dan. 12 :10)

TAN BOOKS AND PUBLISHERS, INC. Rockford, Illinois 61105

From the English Edition of 1884, Nicholas Bray, New York

Published 1968 by TAN Books and Publishers, Inc.
Reprinted 1969 Reprinted 1971 Reprinted 1973 Reprinted 1976

Imprimatur: Edward Charles Fabre, Bishop of Montreal

Printed in the United States of America

TAN BOOKS AND PUBLISHERS, INC. P.O. Box 424 Rockford, Illinois 61105

The above book concerning the Apocalypse, chapter 13; etc. tells us of the future or coming event of the Antichrist, his destruction and the recreation of the universe by God in the future. For instance Huchede tells us, in part:
“‘Since he will be the incarnate evil and according to the expression of St. Ireneus (c. 28, lib. 5), the maximum of malice, "recapitulatio universae iniquitatis," the Fathers are justified in applying to him all the passages in the Sacred Scriptures in which there is question of the actions of God and His Church.

We are therefore justified in asserting that Antichrist has been prefigured by the persecutions of the Church, by all the enemies of Jesus Christ, whatever may have been the form under which they have existed. Cruel persecutors such as the Caesars represent his future cruelty towards those who will remain faithful to God. Hypocritical persecutors such as Julian the Apostate are typical of his deception and consummate hypocrisy. Heresy and schism, but above all the incredulity and impiety of our time, are the prelude to the great Apostasy into which he will cause many to fall. Finally, those who give themselves up to their passions and who drink from the pool of iniquity form themselves to his image and likeness, which explains the words of St. Paul when he said, "For the mystery of iniquity already worketh." (2 Thes. 2:7).’

‘…three different persons: "And I saw from the mouth of the dragon, and from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs." (Apoc. 16:13). The dragon, the beast, and the false prophet signify Satan, Antichrist, and the principal apostle of Antichrist. These three different beings command all the other demons. In the work of our redemption, the three divine persons of the adorable Trinity manifested themselves. The Son adores the Father; the Holy Ghost gives glory to the Son. And we see that in the mystery of iniquity Antichrist adores Satan and the false prophet glorifies Antichrist. Hence we have every reason to show that this false prophet will be an individual person and not a collective term to designate the universality of preachers engaged in the service of Antichrist. We can even assert that he will not be a king, nor a general of an army, but a clever apostate, fallen from the episcopal dignity. From being an apostle of the Gospel he will become the first preacher of the false messiah. These conjectures are not devoid of much plausibility. (Acosta,Book 2, Ch. 16). Antichrist will communicate his power of working miracles to others, who will go into different countries and cities to gain new proselytes by allthe human and diabolical means in their power. (Acosta, 2, 16). It is thus that the words of Our Lord will be fulfilled. "For there shall rise up false Christs and false prophets, and they shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. Take ye heed, therefore. Behold I have foretold you all things." (Mk 13:22 23). "And then if any man shall say to you: Lo, here is Christ; lo, he is here, do not believe. . . he is in the desert, go ye not out." (Mat. 24:23-26). Benighted apostles who will indeed turn away from truth! (2 Tim. 4:4). They blaspheme the majesty of God and despise all true authority. "Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their confusion, wandering stars to whom the storm of darkness is reserved forever." (Jude 1:13). "Fountains without water and clouds tossed with whirlwinds, to whom the midst of darkness is reserved." ( Pet:. 2:17).’

Note in the above that the false irenic, the so-called ‘ecumenical church’ movement, is the seat of the false prophet.

At the recreation of God’s creation after Satan, the Antichrist, the false prophet, all who congregate around them, especially the so-called ‘ecumenical church’ movement and all the wicked spirits and wicked men are cast into hell forever, God the Trinity, the Father and the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will reign with the saints and elect angels in God’s recreated universe forever.




May all the faithful Christians, Bishops, Patriarchs and Popes of the last 2000 years with all the elect angels and saints of the True Living God pray for and with us that God deliver us from Modernism and Ecumenism. With God we say to Modernism and Ecumenism: “Anathema”.

From: St Pius X

The encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis

On the Doctrines of the Modernists

8 September 1907

“So, too, when they treat of philosophy, history, and criticism, acting on the principle that science in no way depends upon faith, they feel no especial horror in treading in the footsteps of Luther[11] and are wont to display a manifold contempt for Catholic doctrines, for the Holy Fathers, for the Ecumenical Councils, for the ecclesiastical magisterium; and should they be taken to task for this, they complain that they are being deprived of their liberty. Lastly, maintaining the theory that faith must be subject to science, they continuously and openly rebuke the Church on the ground that she resolutely refuses to submit and accommodate her dogmas to the opinions of philosophy; while they, on their side, having for this purpose blotted out the old theology, endeavor to introduce a new theology which shall support the aberrations of philosophers.”

The ecumenists who claim that the false gods of Buddhism and Hinduism and Talmudism etc. are to be tolerated; false clerical “priests” who actually combine their superficial confession in Christ with pagan religions and/or who claim that they can control God, that is, cause Him to bind and loose sins and therefore claim they can forgive men’s sins – are liars that actually bind men in sin and lead only to hell. What they are practicing is theurgy (literally from the Greek theos ergon: make God work). Theurgy is a form of magic related to this obsession – demonic possession of the pagans and Gnostics. For example the Assyrian ashipu or mashi mashi, the witchdoctor, would use charms and spells to supposedly cause demons to grant good health and forgive sins etc. all as intercessors with the pagan high god; the Chaldaeans, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indians and Chinese pagans etc. all had/have their versions of this (modern Hindus and Buddhists etc.). The Gnostics got their practice of this from the pagans and the Naasseni. As St. Irenaeus tells us in “Against Heresies”, in fact, such men cause obsession – possession of others, and absolutely, since they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit, as Christ warned us not to do, not only are they not forgiving anyone their sins, but are binding themselves and those who rely on them in sin and damnation, and at the same time, all sorts of disease and mental problems and paranoia and evil spirits. The false ecumenical movement of many so-called Christian churches with pagan religions, the Catholic charismatic movement and the Marian apparitions, and all the so-called healing and conversion/salvation and altar–call supposed Christian ministeries on TBN, are equally guilty of this. The biblical language that Christ uses in “binding and loosing” means that only He forgives sin and sets His requirements for baptism for the Apostles and all Christians to observe.


"The prophecies of the Apocalypse show that Satan will imitate the Church of Christ to deceive mankind; he will set up a church of Satan in opposition to the Church of Christ

"Antichrist will assume the role of Messias; his prophet will act the part of Pope, and there will be imitations of the Sacraments of the Church. There will also be lying wonders in imitation of the miracles wrought in the Church. (p.119)

"And, there seems to be no reason why a false Church might not become universal, even more universal than the true one, at least for a time." (p.155)

Rev. E. Sylvester Berry, D.D.,
The Church of Christ, An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise.
Herder, St. Louis and London, 1927 & 1941.

For the Ecumenical movement of apostasy back to ancient paganism to have it’s full evil effect there needs to be a false prophet at the head of it. This has been in the works for a long time.

The title of Ecumenical Bishop was assumed by the Patriarch of Constantinople, John the Faster, at a synod held in 588. Gregory I the Patriarch of Rome (Pope) protested calling it a pestiferous title and saying that it was a forerunner of the Antichrist, and a long controversy followed, the question was still at issue when Gregory died in 604 A.D. Gregory had indeed declared that there were three Sees of St. Peter, namely Antioch, Rome and Alexandria (the last via the office of St. Mark). Gregory after the fashion of his time addressed all Bishops as Pope (Father). However, this was extremely questionable as to it’s advisability, since St. Irenaeus had in 180 A.D. shown what the Church had known all along, that the arch heretic and foe of the Church, Simon Magus in the first century had wanted to be regarded as Father in direct violation of Our Only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s commandment to call no one on earth Father for only one in heaven is your Father. When St. Paul said that he had been like a father in the faith to St. Timothy he never said “and so all of you CALL me Father”. St. Paul’s statement is simply that he had taught St. Timothy correctly. After the Gnostics had for a couple of centuries emulated Simon Magus (Simon the Magician) in insisting to be called Father in imitation of the pagans, the early bishops of the Church decided that they should be called this. In the fourth century A.D. a conflation of the two separate terms of presbyter and hierus was made and, in imitation of the pagans again, Christian “priests” came into being. The Bishops were called Pope and those in important centers Patriarch, both of which mean Father. The inevitable result was for the Patriarchs to argue (as did the Apostles, see Mark 9:33-41) as to who was the greatest amongst themselves. In all of this, the Patriarchs, very definitely including Pope St. Gregory the Great (recognized, ironically, by the east as a saint), did all they could to curry favor with the emperor.
This idiocy on the part of BOTH east and west continued until Pius IX. (Who from 1846 – 1878 reigned in Rome, but not in Heaven where God the Trinity alone Reigns over all, forever. It is truly the God-man Jesus Christ alone Who is the Blessed and Only Sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords; which doesn’t give earthly kings any divine rights). Pius IX attempted to have himself declared infallible at the First Vatican Council, which was recessed and never reopened; therefore no declaration was ever made officially that the Pope is infallible.
Pius IX had been at this for quite some time before the first Vatican Council.

FALSE GODDESS APPARITIONS which is the spirit of apostasy (Ecumenism) bringing back the false gods of the ancient world



Msgr. Ottaviani BAN


What most people don't know about all the Marian and other connected apparitions is that up to and including the time of Cardinal Msgr. Ottaviani's holding the reigns of the Holy Office is that there was a ban on all of them. That ban was removed (illicitly and without any doctrinal basis) by the Antipope Paul VI in 1969. In 1952 Cardinal Msgr. Ottaviani (same as in the Ottaviani Intervention against Antipope Paul VI's Novus Ordo, which Antipope Paul VI made the final promulgation of in 1969, same year as he lifted the ban) as prelate in charge of the Holy Office even issued another warning about them. The original beginning of the modern apparitions was in Rue du Bac in Paris, France in 1830. Catherine Laboure, a nun with heavy Masonic influences in her life, had the first of the modern apparitions and included in the setting she was in was a pyramid painted over the chapel altar. This is extreme Freemasonry symbolism and purposeful idolatry. All of this is part of the Judeo-Mason Zionist assault on the Church.


Have you noticed that in the apparitions Mary is always telling girls secrets? Girls like to tell one another secrets. There is just no doctrinal basis for any of it. St. Anthony of the desert (St. Athanasius' teacher in the Catholic faith) said that demonic apparitions are never to be heeded because, although there may be some or appear to be some factual truth in them, because of their origin they will always be false and heeding them or turning aside after them in any way will only help the Devil to carry out whatever scheme that the evil one is attempting.



Also, St. Anthony said that true apparitions given by the true God will always bring peace and joy and never terror. He said terror in an apparition means the apparition is always from the evil one. Also, he said that God brings healing and not disease and death. Remember Portugal and many other of the “apparitions” – disease and death. St. Anthony also said when there is any doubt at all, ask “who and whence” of the apparition with firm faith and if it is false it will not be able to claim that it is God.  Some of the seers tried this and instead of an immediate and straightforward affirmation that it was truly from God they got evasive answers. Remember the devil in the garden of Eden, evasive. There is no doubt that God walked with St. Anthony for many miracles of healing and deliverance from demonic oppression were given him to do by God. St. Anthony also was the founding stone by which the coenobitic monastic movement had its beginning (prior to St. Pachomius) and from that movement spread the Gospel in the 4th century and continued on through the centuries, including such notables as St. Benedict of Nursia/Umbria and St. Patrick and St. Columban of Ireland etc. Also, St. Irenaeus’ (180 A.D.) teaching on visions given by God is the same as St. Anthony’s. The council of Trent taught that nothing can be declared doctrine unless it has the full consensus of the Church Fathers (last of the Fathers in the west is St. Isadore of Seville, 636 A.D. and last in the East is St. John Damascene, mid 8th century) to support it. Neither the Novus Ordo nor the apparitions have that. In fact they both have the utter condemnation of the full consensus of the Church Fathers.



MARIAN AND CHARISMATIC CONGRESSES and The Pagan-Gnostic tree of ecumenism


Also, in 1975 the Marian and the Charismatic Congresses were held in Rome and as part of the Vatican II false council game plan to destroy the Church the implementation of Mary as the Holy Spirit was being promoted. This ancient gnostic heresy of Mary as Sophia wisdom personified as all mother goddesses was based at Vatican II on the formally condemned heretic Sergei Bulgakov's idea of Mary as essence of the Trinity and the person of the Holy Spirit, by adoption no less. Bulgakov was formally condemned by the Russian Orthodox Church (his Church) decades before in the strictest anathema for this. Bulgakov was a Communist and Pantheist Communist philosopher before his pretended conversion to the Russian Orthodox Church; classic Gramscian type infiltration. This is nothing more than the old pagan triple goddess, such as Isis, lunar Artemis, Bastet-Artemis or Selene, Mene, Hecate. The pagan triple as Isis was a virgin and the one the Valentinian gnostics tried to pattern Mary after and then make Jesus into Horus. 


St. John the Baptist and Forerunner of Christ said:

Mt:3:10: 10 For now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that doth not yield good fruit, shall be cut down, and cast into the fire. (DRV)


St. Basil the Great said "Anyone who deliberately aborts a baby is subject to the penalty for murder. All fine difference as to the fetus having been completely formed or unformed is not acceptable to us".

God said: Exodus 20:13 - Thou shalt not kill. And again Deuteronomy 5:17 -  Thou shalt not kill.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said:


17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. (DRV) 


The Pagan-Gnostic tree of ecumenism, in it's current form, began in the 19th century, centered around Tubingen, Germany and the Protestant Ultra-liberal Theological school named after it; in the 20th century the Orthodox Church has helped promote it to try and be acknowledged as the only true church -- this effort on the part of the Orthodox failed, but has caused great harm. Ecumenism  is based on the higher criticism and has many Masonic ties. It is an evil tree (a recapitulation of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from which, in the Garden of Eden, the devil tempted Eve and through her Adam). The evil fruits of that evil tree are:

1) Evolution. Instead, therefore, preach only God Who through His Son and Word created the heaven and the earth in six days; He said so:

Ex. 20:11  For in six days the Lord made the heaven and the earth, and the sea, and all things that are in them, and rested on the seventh day: therefore the Lord blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it.

2) Setting the false (i.e. pagan) religions on the same footing as the only true faith and religion, which is in Christ. Instead, therefore, let ecumenism be damned, absolutely anathema.

3) Abortion. Or that marriage is evil. Instead, therefore, absolutely oppose this modern murder of the little holy innocents. Also, absolutely oppose the gnostic idea condemned by the Church Fathers (St. Irenaeus, St. Hippolytus et al) that marriage is somehow wrong. Jesus was truly born (St. Ignatius of Antioch) of the virgin Mary. God the Father by the Holy Spirit espoused Mary with her fiat to be His Immortal Son’s earthly Mother.

St. Paul said:


1 ¶ Now the Spirit manifestly saith that in the last times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error and doctrines of devils,
2  Speaking lies in hypocrisy and having their conscience seared,
3  Forbidding to marry, to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving by the faithful and by them that have known the truth. (DRV)


22b In this you follow "the precepts and doctrines of men,"
23  they have, to be sure, a show of wisdom in self made piety and humiliation and bodily chastisement, but have no merit, and lead to the full gratification of the flesh. 

These man made conventions denying marriage, and which lead to fornication and adultery and abortion, which the gnostics took from the pagan mystery cults, were condemned by the Apostles.

4) Depravity. Instead, therefore, don't.

5) Anti-Catholicism which includes anti-Orthodoxy. See number 6) Instead, therefore,.... 

6) The evangelical charismatic movement with it's emphasis on: money, politics for the sake of money,every Gnostic doctrine ever condemned by the Church, especially the secret rapture which is Cabalistic Docetic denial of the Resurrection and teaching of “Christian Zionism”  and is therefore absolute apostasy. Instead, therefore, excommunicate the so-called 'evangelical' so-called 'church' (not to be confused with traditional sincere Trinitarian Protestant and sincere local community and house churches).

7) Vatican II with especially it's proposition of the Pope as a man-god; Vatican I, which was an attempt at this in imitation of the German higher criticism, was never closed and never formally promulgated and therefore is not declared in Catholic Canon Law. Bartholomew I is imitating this nonsense just like the one who was guilty of this in 588 A.D., namely John the Faster of Constantinople who called himself the Ecumenical Bishop (Bishop of all the Church). Instead, therefore, call no man Father on earth, for One is your Father, He Who is in heaven.

8) The European socialist movement with it's obvious anti-Christian polemic, bias, sneering pseudo-law making and underhanded nasty provocation of areas of the world, especially the middle east. My neighbor, a Persian grocer, has known for years where Osama bin Laden is hiding so I know that our administration does. They just want to prolong this to bring about a totalitarian state in the U.S. and wage “Israel’s” unjust wars of aggression (both the Republicans and the Democrats are guilty of this). Instead, therefore, vote your conscience only and NOT political expediency.  

9) So-called courts in the U.S. acting in imitation of the european law-smashing legalisms, especially our Supreme Court, and President Bush eavesdropping on everyone. Instead, therefore, impeach the Supreme Court, and Bush and their co-conspirators the Congress.

Ecumenists and their vague Jesus are no different than the Gnostics and are going to hell with them.

It is just about Jesus. True enough. The problem is that those words could come from the mouth of St. Paul (an Apostle of the true Christ) or Simon Magus (one of the prime founders of Gnosticism) with absolutely different and absolutely eternally diametrically opposed meanings. Correct doctrine and prayer governed thereby in its form and a life lived according to correct doctrine are of primary importance in any real confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and therefore Saviour.

We do understand!

The proponents of paganism and false ecumenism all whine that we “just don’t understand” – the point is we do understand. They lie like the devil. What else would you expect?


The diabolically absurd idea of ecumenism began in the late 6th (500’s) A.D. century in the Eastern Church. Later, the Pope got jealous and decided he wanted it for himself. In all cases it is the example of men bowing before the temptation of Satan. The devil even tried to tempt Jesus Christ with this but Jesus totally rejected this temptation of the devil – see Gospel of St. Luke Chapter 4. It was in the East as well that the pagan worship of images was promoted throughout the centuries, while in the West the use of images to teach but not to worship them was the tradition, as well as the original tradition in the East. It was also in the East that the ecumenical idea of a universal bishop was thought up.

See the letters (epistles) of Pope St. Gregory the Great (died 604 A.D.) concerning the “proud and pestiferous title of ecumenical” and “images” andthe Patriarch of Constantinople calling himself the Universal (Ecumenical) Bishop.

Be it known then to your Fraternity that John, formerly bishop of the city of Constantinople, against God, against the peace of the Church, to the contempt and injury of all priests, exceeded the bounds of modesty and of his own measure, and unlawfully usurped in synod the proud and pestiferous title of ecumenical, that is to say, universal. When our predecessor Pelagius of blessed memory became aware of this, he annulled by a fully valid censure all the proceedings of that same synod,

Gregory to Cyriacus, &c.
Observing diligently, most dear brother, how great is the virtue of peace from the Lord's voice, which says, My peace I give unto you (John. xiv. 27), it becomes us so to abide in the love thereof as in no wise to give place to discord. But, since we cannot otherwise live in its root except by retaining in mind and in deed the humility which the very author of peace has taught, we entreat you with befitting charity, that, treading down with the foot of your heart the profane elation which is always hostile to souls, you make haste to remove from the midst of the Church the offence of a perverse and proud title (ecumenical [universal] Bishop – see above EPISTLE LXVIII), lest you should possibly be found divided from the society of our peace. But let there be in us one spirit, one mind, one charity, one bond in Christ, who has willed us to be his members. For let your Holiness consider how hard it is, how indecent, how cruel, how alien from the aim of a priest, not to have that peace which you preach to others, and so abstain from offending your brethren out of pride. But study this rather, how you may prostrate with the sword of humility the author of vain and profitless elation, to the end that in such a victory the grace of the Holy Spirit may claim you as a habitation for Himself, so that what is written may be plainly fulfilled in you; the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are (2 Cor. vi. 16).

We commend to you in all things the bearer of these presents, our most beloved common son, the deacon Boniface, that in whatsoever may be needful he may find, as is becoming, the succour of your Holiness.



CABALLISM which is the root of Satanic polytheism – the false gods of the ancient world and the false mass – abominable to the True God

The Pagan-Gnostic tree of ecumenism

What Price seduction? It is Lurianic Cabalism, see:

The Lurianic Theory of Creation and Redemption

From GJiGT

This is the Mother Goddess of Child Sacrifice-Murder and Black Magic

The virgin goddess of black magic: The ancient image of the beast was in fact the Harlot's representation in Rome, i. e. the images of Tyche (Fortuna) the goddess of fortune meaning fate or destiny. It was from Alexandria, Egypt (later on in the early third century, home of the neo-gnostic/christian school the Didascalia) in the early 2nd century A.D. that Valentinus brought the pseudo-christian gnostic gospel of Mary to Rome which St. Irenaeus (180 A.D.) so ably refuted in his “Against Heresies”. This so-called gospel of Mary (found in the Egyptian Nag Hammadi gnostic library in the 1940s) was nothing more than Isis and Horus the Egyptian false goddess/god child usurping the place of the true Jesus Christ Who by the Holy Spirit of the Father was truly born of (Incarnate and given birth to by) the virgin Mary. It was also in Alexandria that the title of Pope was first used in the third century long before it was picked up and used by the bishop of Rome.

Tyche was the goddess which was the summation, in the Graeco-Egyptian religion of the Graeco-Roman world, of all goddesses and therefore the beginning and end of all the poytheistic gods and goddesses of the ancient mediterranean world. The Cumaean, Tiburtine and Delphic sibyls were the principal fortune tellers of the Roman empire which would convince the citizens of the empire of the will of Rome (the beast from the sea with Caesar at it’s head). The beast from the earth was the false prophet i.e. sorcerers and magicians and Ceasar himself as pontifex maximus of the Roman religion. The three spirits out of the mouth of the dragon and the beast and the false prophet are the three sibyls above.

Cumaean = type of Satan.

Tiburtine = type of Antichrist (Beast from the Sea). Seated not in Rome this time but in Jerusalem.

Delphic = type of principal apostle of Antichrist (Beast from the Earth, the False Prophet).


The precursor in Egypt, of Tycheas mother goddess summation of all the gods/goddesses, is the triple goddess Isis represented and invocated as Selene-Mene-Hecate. This is the absolute worst of the virgin goddess of black magic/sorcery in the history of the world. The representation is Isis as sorceress in her lunar and chthonic form united to the sky above and ruler of earth in between standing on the globe of the world around which a serpent is coiled. One statue still extant today of Isis as this sorceress is the Farnese Isis (Naples Museum). She holds the Intaglio (magic ring of the serpent uroboros, the serpent that eats it own tail). The formula of consecration is invoked by the power of the serpent with the crescent moon with two stars one on each end of the horns of the crescent moon forming the tang of the sorcerer/sorceress with the sun of Abraxas, the ancient god of all sorcery and black magic surmounted above that. Any resemblance to the false representation of Mary as the Immaculate Conception especially as shown on the so-called "Miraculous Medal" standing on the globe of the earth is NOT ACCIDENTAL.

In the fifth/sixth century A.D. the Syrian writings of Pseudo-Dionysios first appeared and were later added to. In this the ancient pagan idea of synthesizing, that is combining all the ancient gods/goddesses, an idea going back to the Graeco-Egyptian Hermes Trimegistus (Apollyon appearing as Hermes thrice blessed - a pagan false trinity), was put forth in gnostic psuedo christian dress. Included was Mary as the summation of all that is divine, i. e. the mother triple goddess. Sergei Bulgakov was condemned by his own church, the Russian Orthodox Church, as a heretic, in the first part of the 20th century for this same thing, in which Bulgakov attempted to make Mary the Hupostasis of God and the divinity by which each of the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity of the True God is approached and in no other way. In short, it is a sophism tomake her the triple goddess and replace the worship of the True Trinity with polytheistic/pantheism. This worship of Satan in place of the True God, the Most Holy Trinity will only bring utter destruction upon the earth.

In the summation of all Heresies and Apostasies and Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit known as Vatican II, Bulgakov's blasphemous system was inculcated by name and in this same false teaching of Bulgakov to make the Antitheotokos the virgin goddess of black magic to support all of the false apparitions (heretofor condemned), supposedly of Mary, and make these apparitions accepted and thereby bring in KNOWINGLY the Gnostic evolutionary Monism - Pantheism of this "ecumenical council of thieves".

For instance the Gnostics, according to the Church Fathers, basing themselves on the Naasseni (the apostate Jewish serpent worshipping Satanist priesthood cult which is the base for all Kabalah and the Zohar) copied much of their doctrine from Platonism, Graeco-Egyptian paganism and far eastern religiosity and claimed, totally falsely, that this is what Jesus taught. It is not at all what Jesus taught nor at all what Moses taught. The Gnostic doctrines are obvious in this plagiarizing of paganism and denial of the true Jesus Christ. In the East the Buddhist teaching of how Sakyamuni (Gotama), the Buddha, obtained his “enlightenment” is obviously diabolic and has a great deal in common with Graeco-Egyptian mysticism in the west; especially this is extremely similar to Simon Magus’ portrayal of himself entwined with snakes in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as a man-god to be sought after as the ultimate teacher of true knowledge. The prime example: The Dragon Flower Tree (the banyan or pipal [fig] tree) from which the great white serpent from the abyss (the devil) granted Gotama (the Buddha) his “enlightenment” which consisted of his denying the I AM and being his own saviour. Otherwise known as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which in classical and traditional Catholic teaching is the first type of the devil. Gn:2:17: 17 But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat. For in what day soever thou shalt eat of it, thou shalt die the death. (DRV)

Jesus Christ said to the Pharisees:

44 You are of your father the devil: and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning: and he stood not in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. (DRV)

from The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling VIII.
Chapter Summary

[page 46] So-called “Judaism” is nothing but Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaism, which at base is crass paganism concocted through the centuries. Descriptions concocted for this very old satanism, such as “immanence” (Spinoza) “emanation” (Talmudic Cabala), “dialectical materialism” (Marx) merely dress up old pagan concepts… …


The New World Order will be built upon foundation of the Kabbala and Babylonian Talmud



Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ warned of false prophets who come in His name. This warning must be applied to those who don’t tell the truth about God. If someone claimed to be the Twelfth Imam in an esoteric Freemasonic false Sufi sense and pointed to a figure like al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah of the Druze as the Mahdi he would be a false prophet and an antichrist by definition. When he pointed to this person (most likely an ecumenist) as the Mahdi who then, instead of witnessing to Jesus Christ (PBUH), Muhammed (PBUH) and morality, unifies both Sunni and Shia and all Islam around himself and strikes a peace agreement with the Antichrist in Jerusalem then this person claiming to be the Mahdi would be one of the ten horns (see Rev. 17:3, 7, 12, 16) that follow after the Beast (the Antichrist) and do his will and then there is the false peace St. Paul warned about. See: 1Thes:5:3 “For when they shall say: Peace and security; then shall sudden destruction come upon them, as the pains upon her that is with child, and they shall not escape.” (DRV)